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Reusable bamboo salt box with magnetic swing lid for easy opening and locking to keep contents free from air.  Kosher Cocoa Butter & Shea Butter, Therapeutic Grade Oils of Coconut, Frankincense, Apricot Kernel & Sweet Almond all whipped together for optimal, total skin rejuvenation. I use the peppermint one as oral cleanser as well, I simply dip the corner/tip of my brush and apply it to my gums to kill germs and freshen my breathe. This whip can be customized with any oil of your choosing or stick with the standard peppermint for a refreshing overall, total body experience! If customizing with a specific oil, please allow additional time to create your product, these whips take an entire day to make.  Shelf life is just like any other product you have on hand, can or keep in the freezer, 2 years. If for any reason of climate change and your whip hardens over time, simply get out your blender and bring it back to life and whip it on high until it doubles in size!  For external use only.
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