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Rain Water hair system

Rain Water hair system

I have spent years perfecting this custom made system. I now have more manageable hair, lots of new hair that did not come in grey and it is also much fuller, I cannot believe it myself, but I hung in there as the PH balance was changing and my hair was being ‘reborn’! Your hair will respond so much better to your hair care routine after restoring it’s PH with this system. Hang in there... as this hair care system balances your PH and repairs damage from years of harmful & toxic product usage. It has proven to be most time consuming for me, in creating a home hair care system that has a longer shelf life than 30 days, but as resilient as I am, I have done it and I want to share it with everyone who is willing to lend an ear! Society as a whole has gotten so used to the whole ‘poo’ factor in shampoo, meaning the lather effect, and for those of you like myself that seem to have hair that tangled easily and require a cream rinse or conditioner to leave your hair strands soft and silky smooth, light and fluffy and so on. So here is the basics, we need to change our thought processes and learn to educate ourselves as to what chemicals we are putting in our hair, what chemicals we are using on our body such as shower gels, shaving cream, ALL of the above. Did you know that in the state of Ohio, they are permitted to sell hygiene products that have been banned in other states because there’s ingredients in them that have been linked to several different kinds of cancer? My hair care system is a hair cleanser and a hair rinse it is not shampoo and conditioner. The average person takes 2 to 4 weeks to acclimate to a hair care system, that’s why companies are always telling you to change out your hair care products about every 30 days as your hair gets used to it. The hair care system I have created, Rain Water, allows you to use these products indefinitely and the only changes that will be made, are from me, continuously perfecting what I’ve created.
Hair Cleanser: Each selection of cleanser is a hemp castille base.  The hair cleanser needs to be applied directly to the scalp as there are no thickening agents and chemicals in my products, so applying it directly to the scalp is what will cleanse the hair follicles, the scalp and create the lathering effect we all are used to in ‘shampoo’, not squeezing it into your hand and rubbing your hands together, directly on the scalp. Rinse, rinse, rinse, I cannot emphasize enough just how important it is to rinse products from your hair.
Hair Rinse: This is a citrus and herb infused apple cider vinegar based hair rinse that takes weeks to make.  My apple cider and citrus vinegar with mother base contains lemon, lime, grapefruit and apple, along with five therapeutic grade essential oil’s, vanilla, frankincense, myrrh, coconut and sandalwood to prolong color, prevent those grays and to condition each strand of hair.  The hair rinse comes in a spray bottle and needs to be sprayed from the bottom of your hair strands, working your way up to your scalp, leaving on for three minutes is the rule of thumb here so the products can do their job properly.  Rinse, rinse, rinse, again, you cannot cleanse your hair without water, so the more you use, the better the outcome! When using this system, you will notice your hair may feel more heavy than it did previously. This is because your hair is now being trained to calm down lay properly, meaning less flyaways and frizzies AND those curly gray hairs that seem to stand straight up in the air, will also start to calm down and lay and feel smoother like the rest of your hair. For anyone that has been to a hair salon and has gotten a shampoo and rinse, they concentrate most on rinsing out the shampoo and rinsing out the conditioner. Applying the same methods is most important, so fully rinse your hair from the hair cleanser before applying the hair rinse and the same goes with rinsing your hair after you apply the hair rinse. You cannot cleanse your hair without water, water is the KEY component in this hair care system! So again, like your hair does, hang in there; just when you’re ready to give up during the second week of a new hair care system, you WILL notice a huge, dramatic difference in the texture of your hair and the appearance of your hair. I invite you to try something new, to change the way you cleanse and change the way you feel and walk the path to wellness with me. Using chemical free products can be affordable and that is my promise to you, always!  Shelf life is just like any other product you have on hand, can or keep in the freezer, 2 years. For external use only. 
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