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Mommy and Me wellness bundle

Mommy and Me wellness bundle


Mommy :

whipped body butter, Evening Primrose Oil, Sea sponge, French Mint soap bar, French Mint aloe cream, Fenugreek, Breast wipes, Magnesium body cream


baltic amber teething necklace, baby’s breath teething stick, Sea sponge, Rose clay soap bar, Rose aloe cream, Fennel, Bum wipes, Breathe pure ionic air filter

Whipped body butter is great for overall body usage keeping the skin conditioned to eliminate stretch marks during pregnancy and is made 100% from food grade products that are safe to eat!  Evening Primrose oil aids in softening the cervix when mixed with a carrier oil and applied topically to the vagina area, shortening labor duration and also inducing labor when consumed orally with red raspberry tea leaf but that’s not all!  It is also used for atopic dermatitis/eczema, rheumatoid arthritis, premenstrual syndrome, breast pain and menopause symptoms.  Fenugreek is a galactagogue that enhances milk production for nursing mothers and can be steeped as a tea or used in cooking recipes.  Breast wipes to cleanse the area of the nipple and around before and after nursing baby.  Magnesium body cream deodorant/antiperspirant is a chemical free underarm cream  gentle for you both and will not irritate baby’s senses when nursing or being held.  Magnesium body cream also gives your body a boost of magnesium keeping both you and baby healthy!  Baltic amber teething necklace from baltic amber essentials is an anti-inflammatory containing necklace making the fussiness of cutting teeth no longer a fussy mess!  It also is used for fever, growing pains and drooling keeping them to a minimum and keeping baby comfortable.  Fennel seeds can be steeped in water and given to baby with a dropper if you notice fussiness and gas, within moments, baby is calm and relieved of gas pains.  Breathe pure ionic air filter is a portable plug-in air purifier that uses ionic technology and attaches to airborne particles to remove contaminants from viruses, bacteria, airborne allergens, offensive odors  even cigarette smoke. Bum wipes gentle enough for overall body usage to keep baby’s body fresh and clean without all the harsh chemicals and fragrances used in today’s products.  Shelf life of products is about two years or longer, discard is products become rancid over time.  Make sure to throughly wash your sea sponge and let it air dry, it can last for decades!  All products are chemical free and cruelty free leaving you feeling much better along your wellness jounrney with the elimination of harsh checmial usage.  If re-fills are needed on any products, just reach out!  Congratulations and best of luck to you and baby!


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