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Cleaning powder refill 33 oz bag

Cleaning powder refill 33 oz bag


Chemical free  cleansing powder in a 33 ounce bag to refill your jar purchased with your cleaning kit. 

This antibacterial cleaning powder is septic and well safe, does not discolor water fixtures, faucets or the inside of the washing machine, commode or dish washer. Washing powder has the odor neutralizing power of baking soda, antibacterial properties from the therapeutic grade Lemon oil and respiratory friendly properties from the Verbena. The Citric acid works well to add a polish/shine to the inside of the commode and washing machines! I suggest you use white distilled vinegar as your rinse aide in your dish washer for optimal cleansing, reducing water spots and leaving dishes throughly sanitized. Chemical free, one product at a time and not wasting massive amounts of plastic containers is my passion to help all of us live a chemical free life. The idea behind my product line is to buy the containers once and utilize the refill options.

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