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Wednesday Wellness & Devotions ‘Live with the Lotus’ 10am at The Corner Abbey

I am pleased to announce that starting this coming Wednesday, March 23, 2022, I will be hosting my live feed at The Corner Abbey, all are welcome, no reservation needed. Come and enjoy a beverage with me as we kick off Wednesday Wellness & Devotions! Hope to see you there, stay blessed and be well!

Wednesday Wellness & Devotions

‘Live with the Lotus’ at 10am

Dr. Megan Markley, NHP broadcasts live for a Holistic Healing & Alternative Medicine discussion featuring one Naturopathic product each week and how they can help or have helped you along your wellness journey. Wednesday Wellness & Devotions is

available to you in-person, no reservation needed, in the fellowship hall located in the basement of The Corner Abbey, or can be viewed online at WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/LBSELFHEALING.

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