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New wellness set only available now for the monthly wellness subscription boxes!

Coming this Spring 2022, the Repel line as a $20 wellness set. This set is packed full of natural insect and bug repellent‘s such as lemon balm (which is also mood enhancing), lemon eucalyptus, citronella, Cedarwood and of course Frankincense. All therapeutic grade essential oils are steam distilled and made in house by the Lotus herself, your local Naturopath who makes her own product line. Stay up to date on new products at and sign up for the app to receive discounts on your birthday, special promotions and much more! This specific product is not yet available online but is part of the monthly wellness box subscription . Did you know that you can get first of the litter when you sign up for monthly wellness boxes! Wellness delivered right to your door, every month, making wellness affordable and chemical free, that’s what I do!

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